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In summer 2018 #PassionForDough was just created last summer out of our vision „to inspire people all over the world for baked goods and the technology behind it“. #PassionForDough provides entertainment and inspiration for people in the baking trade. Thanks to the passion for dough and for their profession among our staff and customers numerous impressing technological solutions and product ideas have been realized. No matter if a machine is put into operation at a height of 3,000 metres above sea level or at a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius – their motivation is to produce perfect, tasty and diverse pastries and because of that they accept every challenge. This pool of experience and expertise which has been acquired for many decades is often closely tied to stories arousing our interest. 

We love to make our staff’s and our customers’ dreams come true. This is the reason why we have the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people working in the baking trade all over the world.

Our blog tells you stories about extraordinary creations of bakery products and the technical solutions which make them come true. It describes revolutionary inventions which have become indispensable for every production. These brilliant solutions for the most challenging tasks bring FRITSCH staff and customers closer together as a team. #PassionForDough also reports on optimized production processes of many different, outstanding pastries. Moreover, we share the extensive expertise of our trade.

Such episodes and experiences are worth sharing. We wish to encourage everybody to join our aim of making a difference in the baking world in his work or mission. Our blog is intended to serve as a source of inspiration. 

We wish you lots of fun reading these stories. 



Our blog contains 3 categories reflecting our values and our philosophy. Every quarter we choose one of these key topics and tell 3 stories to this regard.

Thrilling stories about passion for dough and for pastries, people and their pioneer spirit. 

Stories full of ideas about technological and technical solutions. 

Inspiring stories about trends on the baking market, interesting product creations and events. 


The FRITSCH Group is a pioneer in the production of high-quality bakery machines for the sheeting and processing of dough.  Thanks to our passion for dough and technology, the family-owned company has been developing optimal solutions for industrial and artisan bakeries all over the world since 1926 – from manual sheeting machines to highly efficient industrial lines.

FRITSCH is part of the MULTIVAC Group. That means 87 service and sales subsidary keep in close touch with its customers throughout the world. Besides, FRITSCH runs an own technology center in Kitzingen, Germany. 

For further information regarding our company, please visit our website: www.fritsch-group.com