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Frozen Dough for the Future: Inspirations of Grand Duet

Grand Duet’s Research and Development Manager Henk Flinsenberg narrows down his process to one phrase: “back to the basics.”

Sweet filled pockets with apple slices and cinnamon

"Development is a specialty for us,” Henk said. “We find new trends and then we develop and produce new products for our clients. Our knowledge in technology and traditional baking methods is key to the realization of every new product we make.”

Grand Duet is committed to providing top quality frozen bakery products that are made with traditional methods. The business specializes in a variety of frozen doughs including bread, puff pastries, viennoiserie products, and even pizzas. The company takes inspiration from a variety of sources - customers, market trends, suppliers, developers, lectures, media, expositions and more.

Henk and his team spend much of their time collaborating in Grand Duet’s test bakery/innovation center. They have a team of test bakers that focus on developing and processing new products. Henk said the most important thing to developing new products is collaborating with suppliers and technical people while keeping an open line of communication.

Currant buns

Currently, Grand Duet is focusing on developing more ethnic products like flatbreads, naan, and nordic breads. Some of these new products include stuffed vegetarian breadsticks and veggie twisters. According to Henk, this new interest is due to globalization and consumer interest in unique foods. Ethnic breads are also very fitting for an "on-the-go" lifestyle, a niche that’s important to meet in today’s market.

The most challenging aspect to Grand Duet’s success is keeping the process efficient in terms of flexibility, speed, costs, finding the right technique, technology and timing. However, Henk said Grand Duet solves these challenges with creativity, collaboration with suppliers, and including people with different backgrounds and expertises in the process.

Grand Duet has partnered with FRITSCH for over 20 years and Henk says the partnership has been integral to their success.

“They share the same vision with us - traditional baking methods and authentic products created on high-quality technology,” Henk said. “They have a good team and a very open culture. It’s quite easy to get them involved with our projects.”

Several years ago, Pre Pain - then a sister of Grand Duet Bakery - suffered a destructive fire that damaged much of the bakery, halting production and leaving the Pre Pain team at a loss. With the help of FRITSCH, Pre Pain was able to rebuild the bakery in about seven months.

“FRITSCH gives us support on every level,” Henk said. They’re more like a family to us than a supplier”.


As for the future of Grand Duet, Henk has some aspiring goals:

„My personal wish for the future of the bakery industry is that the authenticity for making bread products remains. I believe in high-tech technology combined with the old processes of making bread. My wish is that all consumers can buy, on every corner of the streets and in all places, good quality, fresh, healthy, and affordable bakery products.“

Henk Flinsenberg

Author: Marleen Linares González
She is a writer and communications specialist born in Puerto Rico, raised in Texas, and currently residing in Iowa City.

Breadsticks process

A bit about Grand Duet

Grand Duet is an independent, autonomous bakery with over 35 years of unique knowledge and experience relating to dough. We offer a complete and diverse assortment of bakery products for both retail and food service. Based on our four pillars, we constantly develop new innovative concepts for the trendsetters in the market.



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