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FRITSCH at iba 2018 in Munich

Passion for Dough – Future from then to now

May we take you on a journey through the past and into the future? It all began in 1961, the year when FRITSCH first appeared as an exhibiter at iba – the leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery, and snacks. It was the foundation of the success story that would continue to this day.

After iba had been a for purely classical trade fair for handcraft baking for many years, the 1980s above all brought new momentum into the industry. Machine builders started to train their focus on developing industrial lines, which ultimately inspired FRITSCH to present a full lamination line alongside its handcraft program at iba 1983 Munich. At this point in time, the research and development team had already developed highly advanced technical solutions for the gentle processing of puff, Danish, and yeast doughs. 

iba 1986 in Hamburg

1986: The first product demonstrations

Three years later, in 1986 in Hamburg, we were the first to give product demonstrations directly at our stand: live baking on the spot – a real innovation at the time! None of our competitors had done this before. So we put our blood, sweat and tears into it. Until late in the evenings, technologists and designers worked on setting up and testing the systems to get everything going. It was also the first large-scale trade fair for which Klaus Fritsch, owner in the 3rd company generation, bore the organizational responsibility.

Our motivation was to offer our visitors baked goods to try that were made fresh from the dough directly off our line. We built the laminating line in an L-shape, and it had only one folding station and produced only 16 fat layers. This resulted in a very high block that had to be rolled again to the required final dough thickness so that it could be processed into baked products.
With these demonstrations, we wanted to convince the visitors above all of the gentle handling of the dough by our new Satellite Head. We were very proud when we managed to roll the dough down far enough to produce delicious apple turnovers and whirls, which we served fresh from the oven at our stand. At the time, we were still producing the dough blocks daily in the company and shipping them nearly 600 kilometers to the trade fair. Nobody would do such a thing today.
The feedback was amazingly strong and positive. Our stand was fuller than ever. The risk of presenting live demonstrations was most definitely worth it for us. Baked goods producers from many new markets contacted us as a result. Asian customers, in particular, were very impressed by the lamination technology. But we also received a great response and large orders from customers from Germany, Austria, and France.

In the evenings, as calm would creep back into the stand, the secretary of the senior boss, Adolf Fritsch, would press a cloth and window cleaner into the hands of all the salespeople, with the clear message: cleaning for the gentlemen in suits! It was quite comical at the time to watch the smartly dressed men clean fingerprints off the Plexiglas panes on the machines.
While the machines and their advanced technology ran on, things behind the scenes went on as usual in the domestic sense. Adolf Fritsch personally took care of the catering at the stand. Every evening, he would go out shopping and fill the trunk of his car with the provisions for the next day. There was no official catering back then. His motto was: first the catering, then the exhibiting.


1989: New markets worldwide

In Düsseldorf at the end of the 80s, iba became more international with visitors from all over the world. For FRITSCH, this was a milestone in the company’s history: our technology impressed customers from Japan and South Korea, with whom we are still associated to this day: YAMAZAKI, for example, is one of the world’s largest baked goods producers, and is still baking innovative dough products with great success on more than ten FRITSCH lines.

iba 1992 in Berlin

The 90s: Handcraft meets technology

The 90s wanted to know everything: new trends, inspiring product creations, and technologies defined iba. Our coup in 1992 was our hexagonal, filled Berliner doughnuts. The trick: to manage the heavy dough properly, we divided the dough down the middle and covered one side with jelly – then laid the second dough sheet on top, punched out hexagons and baked them. It was a true highlight that went down very well with the fair visitors... We were also true pioneers in producing donuts from a dough sheet – thanks to expert knowledge and clever technology.

iba 2003 in Düsseldorf

A new millennium –
for FRITSCH, too

The millennium brought a wave of innovations with it. Out of the rapidly growing trend towards deep frozen production, for example, we gained an prominent new partner at iba 2000 in Munich – at the recommendation of a customer from the Middle east: a large conglomerate for everything from baked goods to convenience food from Dubai which, venturing beyond deep frozen production, was impressed by our flexible industrial lines for 10–12 different products. A border-pushing success at the time. FRITSCH also attracted much attention with the first fully automated pretzel line. The competition were also demonstrating pretzel lines, but only as individual machines. We, on the other hand, presented an entire system of individual modules all combined: from dough block portioning and strip production to automated twisting and deposition of the pretzels. This proved to be the just right move at the time, and further proved we had the right nose to secure ourselves a unique selling point that has held to this day. Presently, there are more than 250 MULTITWIST lines in use around the world.

The presentation of the first MULTICUT at iba 2003 marked the next expansion to our range. Developed to address the needs of our customers, the MULTICUT was the first machine in the mid-sized performance range that could produce croissants and fine pastries as well as bread products.  With the development of an electromechanical punch, the system was furthermore extremely quiet compared to the conventional pneumatic punches. This even drew spontaneous praise from the competition (“Congratulations, that’s a good machine”).

In the 2000s, we also established our trademark at iba: of serving typical Bavarian delicacies. And of relaxed conversations with customers over Weißwurst and Weißbier.


The new era of the IMPRESSA croissant

A special highlight came with the presentation of our Croissant Cutting & Turning system (CCT) at the last iba 2015. The challenge was to punch out and turn the croissant dough pieces in one step at considerably increased throughput, so that they would be optimally coiled while the dough would still be gently handled. This development not only earned the iba Award; it once again demonstrated the innovative power of FRITSCH. 

iba 2015 Recap
Rustic baguette & pretzel rings made with butter croissant dough.

The future: right at the forefront

To us, iba signifies inspiration, innovation and hospitality. We have always been an enthusiastic part of the industry’s largest scene given that it supports our “passion for dough” perfectly.

Our passion for dough and technology has always been our drive to achieve ever new records in performance – and impress others with it. Many highlights have been presented at iba 2018: for example, the new Soft Dough Sheeters (SDS) for the softest of doughs that are very fussy when it comes to handling. The SDS reveals its full strengths when producing natural, rustic products with a very high dough yield.  We presented relevant developments that meet the needs of all of our customers, from craft to industrial producers – as always with many exciting live demonstrations. 



We teach our technology how to handcraft

That was the motto of FRITSCH for iba 2018 in Munich! Modern technologies and traditional handcraft unite to produce the perfect results. The upcoming category #innovation will introduce the iba higlights SDS and Smart Services in detail. Look forward to how we are using the new possibilities of digitalization as the perfect complement to our line technology.


Good To Know

iba is the world’s leading trade fair since 1949, it is the central platform for the baking, confectionery and snack industry.

At iba over 1,300 exhibitors from almost 60 countries showcase an endless variety of trends and new products along the entire value chain – like no other trade fair for the industry. Every three years – reflecting the cycle of innovation – exhibitors from all established and emerging segments in the baking industry meet face-to-face with decision-makers from manufacturing, retailing and the trades as well as the hotel, restaurant and catering sector – from Germany and around the world. In 2015, iba in Munich attracted more than 77,000 trade visitors from 167 countries.


FRITSCH team @iba2018

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