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Our dough technologists' favourite foods from around the world

Schwizer Röllchen: Sebastian Then's favourite

Switzerland is not only known for its eponymous “Swiss cheese” and luxury watches. Indeed, as we all well know, the chocolate manufactured in Switzerland is also remarkable for the country in the Alps. So, it is easy to understand why the favourite pastry of our dough technologist Sebastian Then is of Swiss origin.

His go to pastry is called Schwizer Röllchen (“Swiss rolls”). These are not the cake we know in English as the Swiss roll, but are rather fine pastries made from croissant dough with a Swiss chocolate bar worked into them before baking. The chocolate melts inside the dough whilst baking.

„For rolling up the chocolate bar, everything has to be perfectly attuned – both the machinery and the dough. The product looks fantastic and tastes even better“

, Sebastian tells us why he likes these Röllchen so much.

Dough technologist Sebastian Then & his freshly baked Schwizer Röllchen

No one has ever been born a master – or have they?

Sebastian has been a dough technologist at FRITSCH for almost 9 years. It all started for him with the fragrance wafting through the air from the bakery in his home town in Lower Franconia. That made each trip to the bakery a true highlight for the youngster. “I’m going to be a baker!” he finally declared to his parents when he was 12 years old. That ambition never changed. And so, in that very same bakery in his home town, the passionate pastry fan started his apprenticeship. He completed it as the best in Bavaria. Even before he went into military service, he completed a second apprenticeship as confectioner, again as the best in the state of Bavaria. And where did this auspicious resume take him? After acing the master’s exam in Munich at the top of his class, he went straight on to a monastery. To bake in the monastic bakery, of course. To our fortune, Sebastian then applied to FRITSCH, where he was immediately hired for his outstanding talent and experience. Since then, we have been proud to have him as one of our dough technologists.

Dough pieces before the baking process

It’s no surprise that the baking expert also invents his own products. Instead of the basic triangular shape for a croissant, he uses punched rectangles over which he applies a chocolate grid pattern.

Schwizer Röllchen, as Sebastian calls these filled pastries, aren’t necessarily to be found in Switzerland at all. The technologist merely allowed himself to be a little inspired by the neighbouring country. There is a Swiss producer that wraps chocolate bars into croissants. “There’s got to be a way to make it look even more creative,” he thought, and added the unmistakable pattern to the croissant dough. The chocolate bar inside the dough, however, is one from a famous Swiss chocolate brand. Thus the master baker combines Swiss tradition with his own style – to produce a delicate pastry that can shine with its unique appearance and inimitable flavour.

Two-coloured dough for the special rolls

The confectioner likes working with handcrafting machines best. To make his Röllchen, he uses the ROLLFIX first to produce the dough sheet. To process the dough sheet after this, he then uses the MULTIFLEX M 700 or MULTIFLEX L 700 combined with the CSV compact coiler.

„The challenge is getting the chocolate grid pattern cleanly onto the croissant dough. It is also very important to position the chocolate bars by hand onto the punched rectangles before they are coiled.
This takes a certain amount of technical skills“

, reports the dough technologist.

Pigs in a blanket

Would you like something savory?

This pastry doesn’t even have to be sweet to be a tasty treat. Sebastian also enjoys it spicy hot! “You can make the whole thing with a spicy croissant dough, for example, and use a cheese shortcrust coloured red with paprika as decoration. For the filling, you then use Berner sausage,” the master baker says with passion.

When asked which pastry the dough technologist doesn’t like at all, we get a very quick and clear answer: “Vegan croissants. A croissant without butter is no croissant to me,” he says with a laugh. This is clearly evident in the Schwizer Röllchen, which couldn’t be any less vegan: the flaky pastry namely has a proud 33% butter folded into it.

The production of ,,Schwizer Röllchen'' with the MULTIFLEX M

A little about Sebastian Then

The trained master baker and confectioner has been working as a dough technologist at FRITSCH for almost 9 years. After his mandatory military service and three years of working in various bakeries he successfully passed his masters examination in Munich as the best in his class. Before entering the World of Bakery, he was working as a baker in the Münsterschwarzach Abbey. 


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