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An exhibition full of passion

FRITSCH at iba 2018

Passion for Dough is more than just a slogan for us. Passion for Dough has been a way of life at FRITSCH, day after day for decades, because we share a desire to enrich the international world of baked goods and continually increase our customers’ satisfaction. It embodies our drive and our daily motivation. Our passion is constantly being reborn every time we embark on a new project with our customers and develop individual, tailored solutions together with them.

We’re talking about solutions that allow our lines to support the artistic and unique handcraft of our customers and to improve the quality of their products that much further. Because we know that every product and every baked good tells its own unique and special story. Our shared passion for baked goods – combined with regional traditions and our technologies – brings the dough to life. Then, on every single day, our customers create unforgettable culinary experiences for people everywhere in the world.

The many visitors to iba 2018 Munich, held from 15 to 20 September, had the chance to experience our passion up close and personal. Because...

… IBA 2018 WAS …


And that goes, as much as anything, for the phase of setting up our stand and machines.

Every second before the fair opened was used to finalize the last details and to set up all the exhibits in their proper places and put them, quite literally, into the perfect light. Our CEO Kirsten Lange sums it up well: “When I saw photos of the stand taken the day before the fair, I could hardly imagine the project would be finished on time.” And yet, everything was ready just in time for the visitors’ arrival; and that brings us to the next point.


Every good team grows with its challenges. What it takes, above all else, is team spirit. Our presence at the fair was characterized in particular by the unique solidarity and the mutual support of our entire exhibition team. And we can say the same of the many external partners who actively supported us already during the preparation phase. Months before the start of the fair, numerous partners helped us prepare new apps and produce new video material – and thus create further highlights for our visitors. While collaborating on the fair, our partners became directly integrated into our FRITSCH team, above and beyond the original contracts.

In support of one of our partners, the developer of the “FairManager” booth management system, at the end of iba some of our team members became minor film stars. Are their appearances worthy of an Oscar? Decide for yourself at …

Vol. I:  https://www.facebook.com/FairManager/videos/282907042347135/

Vol. II: https://www.facebook.com/FairManager/videos/311234639703720/

„The outstanding cooperation with the FRITSCH Group’s professional fair team was a delight already during preparation for iba 2018.
The collegial cohesion in building up the fair and putting together a team out of clients and suppliers, who together made the fair a success, is simply fantastic! We are really looking forward to next time!“

Patrick Stieger of „FairManager“


Outfitted with a new system for recording the leads gained at the fair, an app for managing our trade fair team, digital models and animated films of our machines, and a 360° video projection: iba 2018 was digital for FRITSCH. In implementing these sub-projects, especially, it became clear how important competent partners are to us. Partners who quickly internalize our philosophy and share our passion.

Alongside the 360° projection screen, the new digital models of our FRITSCH lines were another source of amazement for the visitors to our stand. Those who had always wanted to see the inner workings of our systems and to experience, for example, the punching and turning processes on the MULTIFLEX L 700 without all the safety precautions got the chance to do so at iba 2018. Our trade fair experience was digitally captured by a two-man team of video cameraman and still photographer. With great skill and talent, they managed to capture not only the emotional and unique moments of the occasion, but also the special spirit of iba 2018 and our Passion for Dough.


Whenever these two things are mentioned in the baking industry, almost inevitably, one cannot pass FRITSCH’s techniques and technologies. This year, we had the opportunity to present the greatest innovations of our SDS Soft Dough Sheeter, for processing extremely soft doughs, and our Intelligent Services. On 17 September, Marketing Director Anna-Maria Fritsch accepted the iba Innovation Award on behalf of the entire team for the presentation of Intelligent Services. This is visible recognition of the vision and passion that drives the entire company: to establish FRITSCH as an innovation leader in the digital age. With the Intelligent Services, the reality of digitization becomes tangible for our customers and its advantages for operating and maintaining our bakery machines become clear.

„The integration of Intelligent Services at our stand attracted a great deal of interest from our customers. Winning the iba Innovation Award has confirmed that we have taken the right first and forward-looking steps in digitalization.“

Stefan Schmitt, Head of Customer Service Sales

Truth is, our dough technologists are already more than deserving of an award for their exceptional achievements at the trade fair. Each day in the early morning, long before the fairgrounds opened, they would prepare thoroughly for giving the daily LIVE demonstrations of our machines.

That includes preparing the doughs and assorted fillings and even preparing sample products for our showcases. Every day, a full program awaited our technologists. And despite the long workdays at the fair, they pulled off the LIVE demonstrations of our machines each day anew with a smile and filled with pride.


Two stars and numerous other awards distinguish the star guest of this year’s FRITSCH & Friends event, top chef Johann Lafer.

We were greatly honored to welcome the famous TV star chef Johann Lafer to our fair event on the evening of 17 September 2018. Thanks to the wonderful preparation for the evening together with his team, we were completely at ease as we went into this unforgettable experience. Like FRITSCH, Johann Lafer is a champion of exquisite quality, passion and especially indulgence. The guests, namely our customers, business partners and trade fair team, were in for the treat of a delicious meal. Above all, the star chef kept everybody in good cheer with his extremely convivial and humorous nature.

„I came to know FRITSCH as a wonderful company with lots of motivated employees. All of them are forever on the path of expanding the world of baking and making it easier for bakers to do their job.“

Johann Lafer


A special compliment goes to our partner for trade fair services. Unique ideas, creativity and constant searching for the newest visual highlights – this is what standPunkt Messebau stands for. In preparation for iba, we collaborated in drawing up plans, seeking out the latest trends and highlights, and occasionally taking ideas that sounded brilliant at first and setting them aside for even better ones. This perseverance paid off in our fabulous appearance at iba 2018.

A clear concept based on our corporate design in red, white and grey was a source of inspiration. Our stand was also highly praised by those in the fair construction trade. In particular, our “FRITSCH Wave” floating above the catering area was perceived as a major highlight. In the wake of iba, our Wave is still to be seen in numerous industry magazines and trade journals. This was an entirely new system developed by "infinityconst", for whom iba 2018 marked its entry into European trade fair services. Another novelty at this iba was our redesigned FRITSCH Café. It very quickly became a favorite hangout for many of our customers and employees. With its fresh design, the café presented a contrast to the rest of the stand and provided a relaxed atmosphere for undisturbed conversations and, of course, a delicious cup of coffee from our barista.

The one and only downer of the entire experience was the fact that our fair stand, meticulously planned and painstakingly built up over 10 days, disappeared again only four days after iba. Yet, we can look back with pride and joy at having had such a strong and courageous partner at our side in designing such a successful presence for iba 2018. We are already looking forward to the experiences we will have at the next trade fairs in 2019 and to unique new ideas and creative designs. 


„The design that FRITSCH and standPunkt Messebau developed for the stand at iba 2018 was modern, innovative and downright impressive. We had a lot of fun in planning and realizing this fair stand, down to the very last detail, over a planning phase that lasted more than a year. What impressed me especially was the complete organization of the fair stand... with the photographer, the catering and the Fritsch & Friends evening with star chef Johann Lafer. I already look forward to the next joint projects with FRITSCH!“

Johannes Scholz, Project Manager at standPunkt Messebau


That is our recap of iba 2018.

Over weeks and months, together with our external partners, everyone in the FRITSCH team had worked on an oversized jigsaw puzzle, each fitting one piece onto the other. By the end, they had created one big harmonious picture, manifest as our trade fair stand. There’s only one possible title for this work of art: Passion for Dough!


iba without FRITSCH - unthinkable!

FRITSCH and iba simply belong together. Even though it only takes place every three years, it is often part of conversations in the hall or in meetings. Most colleagues can not help smiling. Because despite the enormous effort before, during and after the fair, there is still enough time for the interpersonal. With more than 60 employees, we are one week on site at the stand and so various departments and divisions work hand in hand in the success of the fair - that inevitably brings the FRITSCH team even closer together. For us, iba is more than just a trade fair, but also a teambuilding event, a good time among colleagues with many small but funny stories and a welcome change from the work routine.
We are therefore looking forward to the next iba in 2021 and can not wait to welcome you to our stand.


Our iba Recap

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